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Benefits of Floating for Sports Therapy and Injury Prevention

The most common sports injuries are sprains. A sprain happens when ligaments are suddenly wrenched beyond their capacity, causing them to stretch or, in the worst-case scenario, tear. Sprains can happen from repetitive overuse of a muscle group or from a quick and unexpected impact.

Prevention is the best way to avoid sprains, and that means keeping your body loose and limber. Working out in high impact training sessions, or going to multiple team practice sessions per week are common for sport and exercise enthusiasts, but working out at this level without proper rest intervals can lead to long-term injury. In fact, a severe sprain or tear can derail your season or keep you from the gym for weeks, and if your sport is reliant on healthy joints, ligaments and muscles (running, football, figures skating, etc.) an injury can end your career.


So how can you ensure you’re getting the proper rest between your work outs?

Float therapy can help! Our relaxing water getaways go a long way in the prevention, and healing, of sports injuries.

Did you know that Epsom Salt is actually magnesium sulfate, and the high magnesium levels in our tanks reduces inflammation in the muscles? Magnesium is known to improve muscle function and reduce fatigue, but many people don’t get the required amount through diet alone. That’s where we come in!


While in our float tanks, your body is completely at rest. You are not holding any difficult poses, putting pressure on any part of the body or engaging your muscles. This weightlessness is exactly what your injured ligaments, stretched muscles and aching joints need. When they are not in use, they can heal faster. It’s not like lying in a bed where pressure is still exerted, however lightly, on your body, and where distractions make it difficult to truly relax. In the float tank, you become weightless and the lack of external stimuli signals your body to enter a very deep state of whole body relaxation.

The more relaxed the body is, the less likely you are to suffer sprains when active. Use float therapy to prevent and treat sports injuries so you can enjoy your active life without pain.

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