How we are different at Float Remedy?

How are we different?

At Float Remedy, we wanted to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting – think of a log cabin getaway in the mountains, the coziness of a fireplace, a sense of being at home in your surroundings. That’s how we want every person to feel when they enter our doors.

When you come in for your appointment, you’ll receive a complementary cotton towel to use during your visit and a choice between a hot or cool beverage.

Spend some quiet time in our recovery room after your float before you face the outside world. 

Lay back, feel your body drift and let your worries float away.

Our Canadian made Pro Float cabins provide a sanitary environment as the water in each tank is cycled 4 times between each client. In addition UV light sanitization, Ozone and a two phase particle filtration are conducted with residual sanitization by way of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Once the process is complete, a high solution of Magnesium Sulfate (saline) remains in the water, creating an environment which NO living organism can germinate so you can have complete peace of mind as you enjoy being weightless and wrinkle-free.

If you’re looking for a place that soothes your mind, body and soul and gives you complete peace of mind, we are your place. Escape from the rat race of everyday life, come visit Float Remedy, lay back, feel your body drift and let your worries float away.

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